Government Efficiencies

In order to retain and attract the commercial and residential sectors, we need to reduce the cost of government administration and oversight. We also need to reduce red tape to make it easier to open a business and to promote new development. Taxes are high in this province, and the public perceive inefficiencies and duplication within each level of government and between governments. As the government closest to the people, municipalities work hard to keep property taxes at a minimum. But with rising costs and fewer taxpayers, we will need to do more.

Suggested Strategies for Municipalities to Promote Government Efficiencies

  • Promote shared or regional service delivery with other municipalities and/or other levels of government and or other institutions to maximize efficiencies, and pass on cost savings to business and residential tax payers
  • streamline operations, reduce duplication and unnecessary steps relating to business permits and land use planning
  • Work with other municipalities to harmonize regulations impacting  businesses to make it easier to operate in the province. Look at using the same forms, collecting the same information, and charging similar fees
  • Open discussions with other quasi public sector institutions to work on shared goals